Home Air Purifier

Why Is A Home Air Purifier Necessary?

An air purifier for your home is not a luxury any longer, but in fact it has become a necessity. This is especially true for people who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments. Even if you don’t suffer from any of these there are so many chemicals and biological contaminants which pollute the air in your home nowadays that the Environmental Protection Agency considers the quality of indoor air to be one of the top five health risks related with the environment.

Home Purifier
This is the reason that it is necessary to install a good quality air purifier in your home. This will protect you from developing different ailments related to the respiratory system.

Air Purifier Is The Best
This is especially necessary if you have young children or elderly people in your home. Installing an air purifier is the best way of improving the health of your house and of the occupants of your house.

Products And Prices
Most companies manufacturing and selling home air purifiers have their own user friendly websites which provide complete information about their products and their prices.

Now comes the question that where you can find a good quality home air purifier and the answer is simple. For every requirement nowadays pertaining to any area of life the solution lies in the internet. Most companies manufacturing and selling home air purifiers have their own user friendly websites which provide complete information about their products and their prices.

The Products Of Different Companies

You can compare the products of several companies and choose the one that appears to be the best and most reasonably priced. Better still would be to look up websites that sell the products of different companies on the same eCommerce portal. In this case you will be saved the trouble of browsing through several different websites.

Tips On Choosing The Basic Home Air Purifier

Choosing a home air purifier depends on what your requirements are. If you are looking for a simple purifier which removes the airborne impurities, then you should choose one which has a Pre-filter, Activated carbon/zeolite and a HEPA filter

The Pre Filter

This is needed to trap the larger dust particles, hair and dander from pets. Make sure that your unit has a pre-filter which should be changed once or twice a year as per the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Activated carbon/zeolite

Activated carbon is essential because this is the part of the filtration process which absorbs toxic gases like chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, odors, mildew, and VOCs or volatile organic compounds like pesticides and formaldehyde. It functions by adsorbing as the particles cling to the carbon. This is not absorption but adsorption which occurs when materials get attached to each other through a chemical reaction. This is the reason that they are able to catch smaller dust particles than even HEPA filters can. Zeolite is a natural mineral which is usually added to absorb some gas molecules like ammonia, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

The Filter More Efficient

These filters are like paper filters which are made of fibers positioned randomly creating a narrow passage with many turns and twists. When the air passes through them, the particles are trapped and clog the holes which make the grid smaller and this makes the filter more efficient with more use.

HEPA Filters

HEPA is basically high efficiency particulate air filter which has an efficiency of 99.97% in removing particles which are of a size of 0.3 microns or larger like pollen, mold spores, or dust. It is advisable to opt for a non-petrochemical HEPA filter which also has a true medical grade.

Odor Filters

If you are buying an air purifier to help remove odors like smoke or pet smells, then it's essential to make sure one of the filters on the devide you're looking at is specifically designed to combat odors. Some purifiers like the alen breathesmart come with addon filters designed to specifically target certain indoor air problems. Smoke and pet odors is one of the filters you can choose.

Choosing A Lung Friendly Home Air Purifier

Home air purifiers have electrostatic precipitators which remove the polluting particles by charging them as they go through and they are then collected on a metal plate with an opposite charge which in turn produces ozone as a by-product. Ozone is a lung irritant and is not advisable even in small amounts.

The Electrical Charge

There is a negative ion generator in the home purifiers which changes the electrical charge of the surroundings. In this way it attracts dust and particles which then drop to the floor out of the air near the unit. The pollen or dust is removed from the air, but then it gets stuck to the walls or other items in the interior space being cleaned by the air purifier. These particles can come loose easily and start circulating again. Some negative ion generators also produce high levels of ozone which can be very harmful for the lungs and should be avoided.

Home Air Purifier

Ozone is a toxic gas and is released by the ozone generators in the home air purifiers. This ozone is released into the air and can produce large amounts of the gas by itself. Although we know ozone as the good gas that protects us from the UV rays of the sun, but that is as far as it remains in the upper atmosphere. When it comes down to ground level it is considered to be the smog that can reduce your ability to fight respiratory infections and can also aggravate asthma.You should look for these components in your home air purifier and choose one which is friendly for the lungs.