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Tips to ensure your Home is Free of Dust

Dust accumulation in the home has been a menace in many households for a long time. Dust is practically everywhere and getting rid off it can be a task all by itself. No matter how many times you clean your house, you will definitely notice dust particles as soon as you are done. Keeping our homes dust free can be tedious. However, there are ways in which we can address this issue once and for all.

Below is a compilation of a few sure tips that you can embrace to ensure that you do not have to deal with dust in your home. Take your time and read through and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. We have researched far and wide to ensure that this list is top notch, applicable and easy-to-use for anyone who wants to win this war against dust at home.

Buy a coffee filter

Away with the usual dust rags and feathers that we have used for years for dusting purposes. Opt for a coffee filter instead that is 10 times more effective. Coffee filters are made from fine fibers that work on any surfaces, retains water pretty well and gathers any dust particles effectively. Use them for cleaning mirrors too as they are free of any lint.

Get dryer sheets

Just in case you don’t have access to a coffee filter, dryer sheets are your next best option. They remove dust effectively from electrical appliances. The sheet removes dust and any static from the appliances as wellUse Microfiber

These towels are well-deigned to ensure that they pick up dust in the most effective way. Microfiber towels pick up dust particles on any surfaces in the house, meaning they are very versatile. The particles accumulate deep in the fibers and are not released into the surroundings. Microfibers towels are available and you can purchase some for your dusting.

Opt for Air purifiers

Air purifiers are the modern technology methods of ridding your home off dust and should definitely top this list as they are the most effective. If you are having problems with dust in the home you should consider buying an air purifier. The device can be moved from room to room as need be. Any air that circulates in the house passes a the purifier as well. As the air passes through the purifier overtime, most of the dust gets trapped in the filters inside the purifier. Dust accumulation on surfaces is gradually reduced using special filters.

Maintaining houseplants

Hairdryers and water spray attachments are the best options for dusting house plants. Houseplants accumulate large amounts of dust overtime. You cannot wipe them or use wet cleaning solutions as this will damage them. You can either blow the dust away using an hair dyer set to the cool function or you can opt to spray the dust off with a water spray. Ensure you take the plant outside and use a spray with a showerhead attached.

Clean you walls using a wet mop

Walls and high ceilings have large amounts of dust settled on them. These areas are hard to reach and may be neglected overtime. Come up with a cleaning schedule to ensure that you wet mop this areas after a few months. You can either using a Swiffer sweeper, damp mops or wet mopping to remove any dust from the walls.

Dust your AC fans

If you take a closer look at the AC fans you will be surprised by how much dust they hold both on the upper surfaces and the lower surface. Pillowcases clean fans pretty well and you will only require a stepladder to enable you reach them. Wrap the blade with the pillowcase, apply some slight force and slide it off to ensure it traps as much dust. Its simple and effective.

Make use of dehumidifiers and Room ACs

Dust mites feed on dust in the house and only reside in suitable habitats. 50% Relative Humidity reduces the number if this household pests drastically and any other allergens. Lowering the humidity using a dehumidifier, Portable AC, or AC units on windows kills the dust mites and keeps the indoors cool. Have look at this article picking the best portable AC unit for your home.

Don’t forget light bulbs

Light bulbs also accumulate dust particles. Using a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol, wipe off dust from all the bulbs within the home. No matter how tough the dust is, rubbing alcohol does a good job along with killing any dust mites present. If you are looking for methods to eliminate dust mites, check some more ways to kill dust mites.

Use fabric gloves

Fabric gloves have been recommended for cleaning brittle surfaces such as crystal and chandeliers. Once you slip them on, they function as magnets trapping any dust on the surfaces. This is a pretty easy method.


Use lint rollers for the lampshades to remove any dust on them. Once you are done, they will look new and bright.


Decluttering reduces any possible spaces where dust might hide or stick. Reduce the number of items you have that you do not need and for precious items, store them up in cases.
Adjust your cleaning method

Ensure you clean from the ceiling going downwards and not vice versa. This will ensure that dust particles do not fall back to already cleaned surfaces ensuring everything remains tidy after you are done.

Remember to clean your curtains

Cleaning curtains seems like a tedious process for most home owners. Two things worth noting: Dust mites breed here and dust tends to accumulate in the fabric. Vacuum them at least once a month or send them to the drycleaners after every six months. This will ensure the curtains are always clean and there is no dust accumulation on them.

How about tight spaces?

Paintbrushes are ideal for areas that are hard to access. The brush should have soft bristles and the size should be small so that it can fit into tight spaces and trap any dust.
Ensure your Air Vents are clean

Air vents and radiators have slats that gather dust. The slats are hard to reach. Dust the slats using a ruler wrapped with a piece of cloth. Ensure the cloth is secured to the ruler with a rubber band otherwise it will come off.

Clean the carpets

Carpets are good hideouts for dust mites. The more you have the higher chances of dust mites invading your home. You can reduce this numbers by vacuum cleaning the carpets weekly and scheduling for steam cleaning at least twice every year. Dust mites contribute to allergies.

Vacuum hard to reach areas

Use a paper towel tube for space that are a bit hard to access. Paper towel tubes attached to the vacuum fit perfectly in very tiny spaces. The tube bends easily into the spaces allowing you to remove any dust particles.

Blind cleaning

Using two metal tongs and dusting clothes, dust your blinds by running the cloths over the slats.

Cleaning your PC

Use baby wipes to clean desktops and laptops. Turn over the keyboards and Tap them to remove any matter that maybe stuck in the keys
Improvise a dusting spray

Make your own spray using fabric softener and water. Mix 1 part of fabric softener with 4 parts of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. This mixture smells great and once you have finished dusting, you can spray the surface to release beautiful fragrance and eliminate static.

Cheaper mop heads

Use fuzzy socks instead of regularly replacing your mop heads with commercial options. This modification allows you to dust areas such as below the bed and other furniture. It is affective as the actual dusting mop.

Use canned air

Pressurized air works very well for areas that are very hard to reach. You can buy one from your local store and it will help you get rid off dust in these areas.

Storage options

Store items such as throw pillows, clothes and blankets in bags and cases. All these are surfaces that source dust in the home. Pack them in sealable clothing bags and bins. Other alternatives include vacuum sealing them in bags to get rid off dust.

Filter change

Furnace and air filters accumulate dust and need to be changed regularly at least after every three months. If they are not changed, the particles flow into and out of your indoor air.

Keep your windows closed

Open windows are channels through which dust finds it way into the home. You can open them early in the morning and late in the evening for a few hours. You can also opt for portable window AC to keep your indoors cool without creating an avenue for dust entry in your home.

Clean your furniture

Vacuum cleaning your furniture ensures that no dust accumulates on the surfaces and you do not carry it around when you move. To remove the dust trapped in the furniture fiber, ensure you vacuum at least once a month.

Create a dusting schedule

Routine dusting is the only sure way to keep your home free of dust. Ensure you dust at least once a week.

In conclusion

Whichever dusting tip you settle for, you are assured of results in the house. You will notice that you are able to breath much easily and allergy symptoms reduce significantly in a dust free environment. Better results are evident if you incorporate an air purifier.